48 Hours Until We are Locked in as Passengers!

I have 48 hours to make final decisions on our 2015 USA Rail Pass adventure! You can call in your itinerary to Amtrak and then ask for a courtesy hold. My courtesy hold will expire on Friday and I admit I have already changed the “final itinerary” once!amtrak_map

On Friday, we will need to pay in advance for our reservations and then we are locked in as passengers. While daunting to make the commitment this can also be a relief because it means NO MORE CHANGES! I’m one of those people who needs a limited menu, otherwise I can completely overwhelm myself!

This brings me to you ~ my friendly reader. Below is our itinerary and I would LOVE to hear from you, if you are from a particular city or you have travelled there for business or pleasure. Where should we stay? (I prefer to stay near train stations but I am willing to look at unique options.) What activity or vista should we absolutely not miss? Any particular food that we must try? Any and all commentary is welcome!

Here is the route, we leave from Boston, South Station and we are using the eight segment 15 day pass:


** We will be staying at the JW Marriott in Chicago and I am so grateful for their help in planning this trip.  The JW Marriott is only two blocks from Amtrak’s Union Station and I could not be more excited!  With this kind of luxury, you might have to pry me out of the hotel to continue our trip!


Thank you to the NOLA Convention and Visitors Bureau for the VIP Media Passes!


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