Eating and Sleeping in Flagstaff, Arizona


Amtrak Station, Flagstaff, Arizona

Arriving in any city by train has some immediate challenges not the least of which are the odd hours at which you may arrive or the hour you are scheduled to depart.  Add to this challenge the fact that your most reliable form of transportation is the set of laces on your travel weary feet.

A very important feature in our new book “All Aboard, Now What?” addresses these very important challenges when finding a place to stay and somewhere to eat.

In Flagstaff, Arizona you are in luck.  This city is by far one of the most walkable and train convenient cities we visited.  In fact, it is a feature city in “Beyond the Rails”.

On the advice of the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau we decided to stay somewhere a little different for my family, a hostel.  We stayed at Motel DuBeau Travelers Inn and Hostel and we were very glad we did.


Motel DuBeau is a three minute walk from the Amtrak station, the three minute factor is extremely important.  The Southwest Chief travels from Los Angeles to Chicago once a day.  Travelling east from Los Angeles to Flagstaff the train arrives at 4:36 a.m. and it departs at 4:41 a.m.  At those times, every minute counts and you don’t want to be stumbling around in the dark looking for accommodations.

Welcomed by this note, our check in could not have been easier:


The motel is neat and clean and we  had a great room in the motel section with ample space for our family of five:


The best part however was introducing my family to staying at a hostel.  They had never experienced a “hotel” situation where you not only made your own breakfast, but you cleaned it up too!  Meeting people from all around the world over oatmeal and coffee was a memory I savor.


Our new friends from Germany and Romania.

“No there is no waitress”… hmmm doesn’t that sound familiar to you from home!  Clean up your breakfast dishes!


Great food we discovered both in Flagstaff and on our adventure to the Grand Canyon include the following:


Try the Navajo Taco! Awesome!

Near the Amtrak station and the Motel DuBeau are some great pizza, bagels and coffee!


If you are from the east coast, you will have difficulty ordering a plain cup of coffee however the baristas in this shop knew immediately that I was not from the area and fixed me the closest thing to a “regular cup o’ joe”.


Great Coffee, Desserts and Vegetarian!

It will not open for a 4:00 a.m. train, but you can hit Biff’s Bagels the day before and you will be very happy come breakfast time aboard the train.

Biffs Bagels

Biffs Bagels

I can’t say enough how glad we were to stop in Flagstaff, Arizona.  It was the best option for us as train travelers to not only have great food and unique accommodations, but also a fantastic trip to the Grand Canyon.  Tic another item off of the travel bucket list!


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