Pre-Trip Melt Down and Mike’s Margarita!

It’s not a good trip unless there is a pre-trip melt down.   You know the kind where you completely lose it over being asked a simple question like “where’s the phone?”   Really, I have fourteen hundred things on my mind and you feel the need to ask me where the phone is?   We have five phones in the house complete with a handset locator button, but no, when we need something we automatically ask Mom, no matter what she is doing or where she is and thus began the pre-trip meltdown.

When asked for a phone, Mom was busy apologizing via email to the lovely hotel in Arizona that is sponsoring us for a free night, that she did indeed give them the wrong arrival date!

Add to this the following occurring in the same 10 minute span:

– Husband announces he needs new sneakers

– Daughter thinks she should get a hair cut

– Son buys a new MP3 player and it’s not working.

– Fighting ensues between teenagers over the desktop because everyone needs to either empty their photo cards, Ipads, Ipods or download music.

– Last load of laundry has one new dark t-shirt that bled.

– Mom is sneezing and realizing she has a sore throat.

– Apparently we do not have as many boxer shorts or socks as we first thought…

– Husband is irritable because he is still finishing work

– House sitter calls to go over their list of needs

– The dog decides to gack up something vile from the backyard right in the middle of the family room rug.

Last but certainly not least, Mom asks for a Mike’s Margarita from the mikes_margarita_meltdown_travelrefrigerator so she can decompress a little on the couch (with the absurd thinking that the alcohol will kill potential cold germs). Son trying to be helpful as he sees the Melt Down about to hit the spin cycle, brings her a beer, already open.

It’s not  that beer is a bad thing, I love a good beer.   I just wanted a Mike’s Margarita, it would have completely squelched my melt down, instead it brought tears to my eyes.  I couldn’t hide my disappointment, making my son  feel bad as he frantically stated,  “I thought you said beer”.

Since  it was open, I drank it, and went to bed.  Pre-Trip Meltdown over (I hope).


2 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Melt Down and Mike’s Margarita!

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