Is This Train Trip Really a Good Idea?

imagesSFAXTFZITo really appreciate travel of any kind, I have learned that you have to be excited about the planning. It took me many years and some anxiety filled trips to learn the most valuable of lessons ~ the adventure begins when the idea is formed not necessarily when the destination is reached. The excitement of the concept, the plan, and the anticipation can be as good as the trip itself.

And so we plan our next great adventure, with excitement, anxiety,and sometimes the ever-present doubt of “is this really a good idea?”

We are currently riding the rail of any good idea, (yes all the train references, puns and metaphors are purposeful). First stop, unleashed excitement, “let’s take a train trip around the country for a month this summer ~ woohoo!!!!” Eventually though you must leave this station, because the train of excitement must invariably stop in some new stations that could derail the new idea. Stops at the derailing stations include disconcerting announcements such as:

How much is this going to cost?

Will we really be able to sleep on a train?

Is train travel safe?

Can we survive the togetherness of a family of five with teenagers?

What happens if we get stranded or find ourselves lost in a new city?

It’s summer, will the heat be unbearable?

Should we just fly out to CA as originally planned?

Where are we going to stay?

How will we manage without a car?

Will this be the adventure of a lifetime for my family that I hope it is?

And so on, the reality check announcements pop into the conversations about the trip and sometimes even appear in nightmares (such as, the recurring dream I’ve had that I am walking around a train station unable to find our passes and suddenly I am handed an infant to take with us????).

Even though the constant and recurring announcements threaten our plansimagesYUJIN4T6, we are committed to staying on track. Thankfully the excitement chugs to the surface and the potentially derailing thoughts are redirected down a new track replaced with the anticipation of undiscovered stations yet to come.

Yes, this train trip is a really good idea.


5 thoughts on “Is This Train Trip Really a Good Idea?

  1. I took a short train ride from Oklahoma City to Austin. It was enjoyable. I traveled alone and felt safe. I think everyone should experience a train ride at least once.


    • I agree and I think it will be the best way to SEE the country with my family. No one has to drive, get lost, find parking….. Glad to hear you felt safe, I hope to give my kids some freedom to explore the train.


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